Kingsland/Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce
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Lake LBJ

Take in the Beauty of Lake LBJ

Originally called Lake Granite Shoals, the Lake LBJ reservoir was formed in 1950 by the construction of Granite Shoals Dam by the Lower Colorado River Authority. The lake was renamed to Lake Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965 in honor of US President Lyndon Baines Johnson who had a ranch on the lake during his presidency and vice-presidency.   

Lake LBJ is one of seven fresh water reservoirs that make up Highland Lakes formed by several dams on the Colorado River. The dams provide flood control and are used to generate hydroelectric power and recreational opportunities. This includes boating, skiing, fishing, and more! 

While the Lower Colorado River Authority is not required to maintain a constant level at Lake LBJ the level rarely varies by more than a foot so it is considered by many as a "constant level" lake. Because of it's constant level and only being about a 45 minute drive from Austin, Lake LBJ is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts and weekend vacation homeowners.